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Leather Master Degreaser


Degreaser    |    LM-22938

  • De-greasers are used for the removal of oil (usually from hair and skin) and oil based stains from leather.
  • Generally, de-greasing products are solvent-based materials that turn into an absorbent powder.
  • Apply de-greaser to the leather. It dissolves the oils. A white powder forms on the surface.
  • The dissolved oil absorbs into the powder.
  • Oil and grease that build up over time cannot be removed in a few minutes.
  • Your patience is necessary to complete the job.
  • Also, stains left untreated for a long time may have caused additional challenges like loss of color.
  • Application of color products may be necessary.
  • Use in a properly ventilated area. Read safety instructions.

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